Life After

Community School

From the first graduates in the early 1970s, Community Schoolís alumni have a long history of outstanding educational and career success. Our graduates are confident, responsible individuals who possess strong academic skills and know how to apply those skills across a broad range of disciplines in a variety of learning and work environments. Follow the links below for specific information on awards, colleges, fields of study, careers, and updates on individual alumni.

 Our middle school graduates excel in local public and private high schools, as well as preparatory schools along the east coast. CS graduates have been valedictorians and salutatorians around the Roanoke Valley, have earned International Baccalaureate degrees, attended the Governorís School for Math and Science, earned numerous awards, and even published in a professional (peer-reviewed) journal prior to attending college.

Our alumni attend top higher education programs, from small liberal arts colleges to large state universities, Ivy League institutions, and programs in other countries. They pursue degrees in disciplines ranging from engineering to the fine arts and from chemistry to creative writing. Many CS alumni pursue graduate and professional degrees.

Former CS students enjoy successful careers throughout the country and abroad. They are doctors, lawyers, professional artists and musicians, teachers, engineers, translators, counselors, scientists, researchers, and business owners and executives.

At Community School, one of our goals is for our students to become responsible and active world citizens with a zest for learning and a passion for using information to solve problems. Our alumni are committed to public service and strive to learn about and make a difference in the global community.

We love to hear from our alumni and post the updated information that they send us on a regular basis. Alumni and alumni families who want to share information with our school community should send information to We appreciate receiving our alumniís old and new photos and links to their publications, artistic creations, productions, news stories, and other accomplishments.